We are studioA27.

A creative collaboration by Design Studio Lars Vejen and Taijiro Ishiko Design. Based on our individual backgrounds, we work to join Danish and Japanese aesthetics in new and long lasting designs. We are as our clients, dedicated to honor and embrace the best from both traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, always aiming to reach the best balance in our work.

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Lars Vejen

Design Studio Lars Vejen

I work and design with inspiration from every day life. Discovering problems that needs to be solved, given specific project briefs by clients or simply from an idea taking shape apparently out of “nowhere”. I truly enjoy realising a good idea in collaboration with my partners and believe in the power of bringing together different skills to achieve the best and long lasting result.

Taijiro Ishiko

Taijiro Ishiko Design

I aim to pick up characteristics of a technique and a material, to use and accentuate this in my design – finding inspiration from shapes, functions textures, etc. Keeping my eyes and mind refreshed to make new long lasting value with radical and simple solution, I get inspired being around people – discussing and debating, exploring and developing ideas.



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